Bye felicia!


Hey Wannabes!!!!
Let me too you how badly I want this doormat! Like seriously how fantastic is it?!?!?!?!?! All I’m saying is if you wanna visit my awesome self and awesome bestie you need to bring us a bottle of wine…… LMAO! We will share it with you! I hope everyone is have a fantastic Saturday whether your off work or at work! I would be the latter of that…. le sigh….. Let me tell yall something. This heat we are having right now AGAIN, is ridculous! Can I please move to like Wyoming where they are still Prolly getting snow?!?!?!?!?! Lol!

Any of our wannabes on vacation right now?????? If so LET US KNOW WHERE!!!! We are going to be going on vacation the end of this month and I AM SOOOOO STOKED!!! I’m going home (MD) it doesn’t matter how long I live down here in NC, MD will always be home! And buddyro (the nephew) is coming along too! I cannot wait to see family, visit Ocean City and possibly Jolly Rogers! Stock up on the best  kielbasa (polish sausage) from Ostrowski’s, go to a bakery, some vineyards, and a few more places too! I can’t wait! Trust there will be pictures and a awesome post about it! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and staying cool! Drink up wannabes!

Don’t forget to let us know where you all are vacationing at!!!

Sarah & Heather

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