Good finds!


What’s  up wannabes?!?!

Hope everyone’s week is off to great start so far! Hey, we’ve made it to hump day right?, it’s all smooth sailing to a Friday from here…atleast that’s what I like to tell myself πŸ˜‰

Wanted to catch up with you and see how everyone’s holiday weekend went and share with you a few cheap finds we tried and our thoughts on them.

Not sure how many of you guys have an Aldi grocery store and if you do and haven’t tried them out; we definitely encourage you to do so. Great food, great prices…however, we hadn’t really given any of their wines a try up until this past weekend where we decided to try out some of their moscato since it was the “wine of the month” for their store.
You guys, we purchased the “Moiselle ” red moscato, pink moscato, and a peach moscato,  along with the “Arosa” sweet sparkling moscato rose. All of these mind you ranged from $4.99-$6.99! Amazing deal!
Pinks were delish, I loved the peach too! (Sarah isn’t usually much of a peach fan, and our friend Mandy didn’t care for it either). We also tried the red moscato which we had never seen up to this point, gorgeous color, not so gorgeous taste… at least not for us. Lol
All in all, we definitely recommend going to check it out! Delish!

We also made a wine punch over the weekend, and omg it amazing!

1 bottle moscato
1 frozen pink lemonade
1 2 liter of sprite

Drink up lushes! πŸ˜‰

Heather & Sarah

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