Bye felicia!


Hey Wannabes!!!!
Let me too you how badly I want this doormat! Like seriously how fantastic is it?!?!?!?!?! All I’m saying is if you wanna visit my awesome self and awesome bestie you need to bring us a bottle of wine…… LMAO! We will share it with you! I hope everyone is have a fantastic Saturday whether your off work or at work! I would be the latter of that…. le sigh….. Let me tell yall something. This heat we are having right now AGAIN, is ridculous! Can I please move to like Wyoming where they are still Prolly getting snow?!?!?!?!?! Lol!

Any of our wannabes on vacation right now?????? If so LET US KNOW WHERE!!!! We are going to be going on vacation the end of this month and I AM SOOOOO STOKED!!! I’m going home (MD) it doesn’t matter how long I live down here in NC, MD will always be home! And buddyro (the nephew) is coming along too! I cannot wait to see family, visit Ocean City and possibly Jolly Rogers! Stock up on the best  kielbasa (polish sausage) from Ostrowski’s, go to a bakery, some vineyards, and a few more places too! I can’t wait! Trust there will be pictures and a awesome post about it! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and staying cool! Drink up wannabes!

Don’t forget to let us know where you all are vacationing at!!!

Sarah & Heather

Good finds!


What’s  up wannabes?!?!

Hope everyone’s week is off to great start so far! Hey, we’ve made it to hump day right?, it’s all smooth sailing to a Friday from here…atleast that’s what I like to tell myself 😉

Wanted to catch up with you and see how everyone’s holiday weekend went and share with you a few cheap finds we tried and our thoughts on them.

Not sure how many of you guys have an Aldi grocery store and if you do and haven’t tried them out; we definitely encourage you to do so. Great food, great prices…however, we hadn’t really given any of their wines a try up until this past weekend where we decided to try out some of their moscato since it was the “wine of the month” for their store.
You guys, we purchased the “Moiselle ” red moscato, pink moscato, and a peach moscato,  along with the “Arosa” sweet sparkling moscato rose. All of these mind you ranged from $4.99-$6.99! Amazing deal!
Pinks were delish, I loved the peach too! (Sarah isn’t usually much of a peach fan, and our friend Mandy didn’t care for it either). We also tried the red moscato which we had never seen up to this point, gorgeous color, not so gorgeous taste… at least not for us. Lol
All in all, we definitely recommend going to check it out! Delish!

We also made a wine punch over the weekend, and omg it amazing!

1 bottle moscato
1 frozen pink lemonade
1 2 liter of sprite

Drink up lushes! 😉

Heather & Sarah

Mamajuana Throwback Thursday!



Happy #tbt wannabes!!!! Almost the weekend and it’s the 4th of July!!!!!! Woooohoooo!
So decided I needed to do a fun take on throwback thursday! This is from last year when we were in Heaven (ok so not quite but super close) ( We were at the Royalton Punta Cana Resort down in the DR) Let me tell you that is the most gorgeous places I have ever been too! That is also including the people. I called them Caribbean gods & goddesses (I don’t go the girl way ( but f you do that’s cool too) am comfortable enough with myself saying they were gorgeous)
Soooooo, anyways to the mamajuana. When we got down there and to one of the bars we asked what is your local drink that is what everyone drinks down here. The bartender said mamajuana, we were both like excuse me?!?!?!?! The bartender was like no no no not marijuana MAMAJUANA! We were like shooooo, cause ain’t nobody got time for that! He said you can either do it as a shot or a drink but that most people do it as a shot. I was game! I was like BRING IT ON PUNTA CANA!!!! He pulls out this big bottle that is straight up full of what looks like twigs and grass and shit, and I started to question myself like WTF he’s gonna give me a twig/grass shot….. It’s a red color, and he starts to explain that Mamajuana is a bunch of different herbs (which I looked up and could not pronounce like any of them I tried and failed), honey, red WINE (score!!!!!), and Brugal rum (brugal rum is their rum they make down there and it is seriously the best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth, ok so maybe not the best thing but pretty close 😉 !) SIDENOTE: If any of you wannabes go to the Dominican let us know so we can ask you to pick us up some Brugal!
The bartender pours me a shot and I’m like can I get something else to drink just in case ( yes I am still a wussy and need a chaser to a shot) Finally I am ready to throwback this mamajuana and I’m so nervous and excited!
I do the shot and I thought I was gonna die, but it was fantastic at the same time (side note I do believe I gained a few chest hairs when I did this shot also). It burned oh so bad, but it 5 minutes I was wooooooo bring on another one! ( may or may not have gotten very strongly tipsy off 1 shot)
Heather said after the one shot my eyes were bloodshot.

Soooooo question for you all!!!!

Where is your favorite vacation spot and what is your favorite drink that you can only get while on vacation?!?!?!?! Let us know!!!!! We would love to hear from you all! Have a happy and safe 4th of July weekend! Don’t drink and drive!

Sarah & Heather

How far would you go?


Hello all from your long lost wine snob wannabe, Heather!… I know, I’m just as thrilled as you are for me to be back! 😉 haha.
Life just gets so crazy busy sometimes, and writing can sometimes difficult for me to fit in which I totally hate because writing to me has always been an “outlet”, and on our blog…I get to just be me, your crazy, fun, no filter wine friend!
So anyway,  now, to catch you up a bit…
Recent happenings in our house have been schools out for summer! (Really hope Ya’ll were singing that like I did while I typed, lol) and this mama is super excited to have my side kick with me more for some awesome  summer fun and adventures!
We also recently got a new puppy, a Boston Terrier which Chase has named Oscar♡ Ya’ll… we are in love! He’s been such a fun addition to the family so far and we having a blast getting to know him. Chase is thrilled to have a “little brother ” he says, which melts this mama’s  heart.
Work is crazy busy lately, which I love, learning new things, and life is good!
Now onto the wine!  Haha 😉

So, my question for you today is “how far would you go for a wine slushie”?? …
For those of you who have yet to experience one of these amazing little life changing experiences, you really MUST fix that, like asap.
But to those of you, like ourselves, who have… you understand the seriousness of this question well.
So this coming weekend is the holiday weekend in which we will be celebrating the fourth of July with friends and plenty of crazy shenanigans…problem is, we are out, that’s right you heard me, OUT of wine slushie mix!! This is a serious crisis people…one can’t simply run out of this goodness we have to come to know and love! Who $@!@#@#$##× does that?? Oh, that’s right your wannabes, guess that’s why we call our selves “wannabes”. We’re still in training ya’ll…any well established wine snob wouldn’t let this happen, right? Shit.
So, since NONE of our wine stores locally carry anything like this, we have two options… travel or TRAVEL to go get some. Lol.
I swear it’s worth the 3 hour drive to get it you guys…


So you tell us, how far would you go if it was you?
One can’t just sit their fat arse in a kiddie pool with NO wine slushie… that would be shameful! Haha
So that’s the current dilemma… how do you plan on celebrating the holiday this weekend??

We hope you Keep those glasses full!

Xo, Heather


Kidnap Me


How to kidnap me. It would not be hard. I’d be like OMG yay! Free wine!!!! What a Creeper van. I’d be so freaking mad when I found out there was no wine. I would be doing some damn jutty chopping on a cracker! Waaaaachaaaa! Yall didn’t know your wannabe here had some hardcore ninja skills! You don’t mess with a girl and her wine. Lol! I am over Monday already fellow wannabes! When you all get home tonight have a glass of wine or 5 for me, since I won’t be able to have one till tomorrow…. I hope everybody had a fantastic weekend and you all have a excellent week and it flies by for ya! 

Heat Wave

Whats up wannabe’s????? Sorry we have been so absent lately!!! Life I swear can be so crazy and does not like to slow down….. Like how the hell is it almost July……. So let me say this heat wave we have going on right now is ridiculous……..( SN: every time I say heat wave I sing the song Tropical heat wave, tropical heat wave. lmao, except this is not tropical by any means.) This kind of heat is only ok when I am some place tropical or the beach. I have a serious case of beach fever! Speaking of tropical or beach, do you all have any awesome vacation plans for this summer? I am going to be going home to MD in July and cannot wait! HOW ARE YOU ALL DEALING WITH THIS HEAT FROM THE PITS OF HADES???? Let us know! I am not dealing with it very well. Fat kid here does not do heat like this! Come on fall/winter! Heather got Chase one of those blow up kiddie pools and I may or may not use it! LOL Heather made up the peach slushies, from the wine festival in Winston-Salem, today and when I woke up from my nap ( I worked a 24 yesterday and I was pooped!) I opened the fridge and saw the bottles of wine sitting there and I about did a jig in the kitchen! So, I may or may not get a wine slushie in a little bit and go sit in the pool on the deck. It is a pretty strong possibility. Remember to stay cool out there and hydrate hydrate hydrate (just not with wine lol, yes I cant believe the wannbe is saying not to drink wine, but you gotta stay healthy so you can enjoy the wine later!) Then when you get home in the evening drink some wine! We will be doing our best to stay more active on the blog and giving you all more of our crazy awesome shenanigan’s. Hopefully this week we will give you our review on Old Stone Winery! Stay tuned!!!! Stay Cool! Stay Awesome! We miss you all!
Sarah & Heather

When I say tropical this is what I am talking about! Let me tell you I would give up my right kidtney to be back in the Dominican Republic Punta Cana right now!!!! I swear I will move there one day! The absolute most gorgeous and amazing place I have ever been too!




Slack Wineabe’s FINALLY doing a bloggity on the BB&T Salute Wine Festival!


Hey everyone its one of your slack ass wineabe! Life has been crazy! Finally gonna tell yall about the BB&T Salute Wine Festival in Winston-Salem. Side-note: I had already wrote a small novel and my stupid ass laptop decided to get rid of everything I had written so far because I minimized the screen, who knew….. Anyways let me tell you your wineabe here was super tired after having worked my 24hr shift the day before, but I was like hey priorities here. Wine NOW, sleep later! We finally get there after forever and ever and ever, found parking after driving around a few minutes. This garage was one of those garages that has a super low roof and we just knew my car was gonna hit the roof, it didn’t. So we finally get down there to the street and it was like what I imagine a street in heaven would look like. As far as the eye could see (may or may not being a little dramatic) tent upon tent of winerys that were there!!!! I saw it and it was like the angels of heaven were singing to me, ( so prolly not the angels of heaven or even my guardian angel but it was def a AHHHHHHHH moment). Also, the smells coming from the food trucks that were there were absolutely amazingly delicious! The street it was on was a super cute street with a bunch of cute stores.

So, finally onto the wine! The important crap! Our first tent stop was Duplin Winery! I did not think I could find another wine slushy I LOVED more than the last one I had had but I did and as Heather said later on in the day at a different tent, it was a winegasm in your mouth! Duplin is over near Wilmington. They are having their annual grape stomp festival the weekend of Sept. 12th, which may or may not be the weekend before my birthday, and I’ve decided I need to be there. Grape stomping is on my bucket list. Even though with my fat ass doing it, it will prolly be more like grapes stomped to smithereens (spelling). I could at least than say I’ve been there done it and check it off my long list! The first wine I tried was the Brices Creek which is a scuppernong grape sweet wine. Super yummo! We tried a blush wine called Cool which was also amazing! The Sangria Red was super good too! Also tried the Black River Red, delish, and the sangria white. My fave wine by itself was the Hatteras Red, which she said is their most popular one. It was sooooooo delicious! Now, onto the winegasms that happened in my mouth! They have a pina colada wine slushy, I do NOT like pina coladas, but it was amazing! The other slushy is a gorgeous purple color and called Raspberry Mango Lemonade, that is mixed with the Brices Creek wine, and it is 100% life-changing. I was skeptical at first cause I don’t really care for any of that by itself but mixed was a explosion of deliciousness on the tastebuds! You can find Duplin wines in your local grocery stores. The mix for the slushies I’m not sure but I know you can order it online!  It was so good when we were finished going to all the tents we went back to get a glass of the R.M.L slushy. It was not all the way slushified either but cold and it was that amazing that we were like it is NEEDED! LOL We came home with 3, yes 3, bottles of wine from them, and a slushy mix. The lady that was doing our wine tasting was fantastic. She was so friendly and made us fall in love even more. The people doing the tastings can make it such a better experience if they are friendly and just great people!
Chestnut Trail Vineyard was there. They are in Mocksville. They do muscadine wines and were awesome! We tried the Estrellita, Legado, and Primor. We came home with a bottle of the Primor. Primor means masculine, beauty, elegance, exquisiteness. It is a muscadine and a tart flavor. Super delish!
There was another one there that also had slushies. It was the Waldensian Style Wines. They are in Connelly Springs. The people at this one were also super great people and soooo very friendly! We just fell in love with em. We tried the wines they had I cannot remember which ones we tried, but they were good. They lady doing the tasting had told us she would save the slushy/ best for last. So, to start this off I will say I love peaches like eating a peach. Not a fan of drinking peachy drinks, but Eddie and Brenda completely changed that for me! They have a peach slushy that blew me the hell away! It was another winegasm in the mouth. My tastebuds that day were like you are putting us in overdrive with all these explosions of greatness/taste going on up in here but don’t stop! We even stayed and chitchatted with them for a little bit too, great people! The peach slushy is made with a bottle of the sweet scuppernong and the peach mix.

Ok, so sidenote here: There were so many damn bitches at this festival. Not the people working with the vineyards but that were there just tasting, and some were even trying to talk shit about us, but we behaved that time. But I can tell you when they showed up behind us in line talking like stupid valley girl voice crap I was like I cant even, so yes I started to mock them and talk just like em. Let me say I impressed myself with the skills of talking like a valley girl, I could pull it off I think……… It was so obnoxious! Its like really????
Another sidenote: I was sooooooo extremely saddened at the fact that there was not much eye candy at this one. Im like all the dang eye candy will travel to freaking nowhere elkin nc but not to Winston salem. Houston we have a problem, just saying. You cant get better than a day full of wine tastings and a day full of eye candy! Its like a perfect day! I came up with a rhyme since there was no eye candy I said rollin rollin rollin keep them bottles open! Let me tell you they did, and we ended up coming home with like 7 or 8 bottles of wine total.
Ok, back to the wine! Weathervane Winery, in Lexington, was there. They were also super friendly and just great people to talk too! We tried 7 of their wines and there was not one I did not like! We came home with a tropical wave and Sweet Mountain Bliss.  Then Slightly Askew Winery was there, they are from Elkin. They had some good wines but what I like best about them is the names of their wines. They have grateful red- cranberry chianti, Elkahol- green apple gewürztraminer ( I love trying to say that word lol), Numb Knutz- black cherry pinot noir, Nasty Bastard- Pomegranate Zin, Drama Kween- Strawberry Banana Viognier, Crooked Toe Blues- Raspberry White Zin.  They were also more great people there. There really was only one tent we went too that had a woman that was short with us.
Some of the other vineyards there were Thistle Meadow Winery from Kernersville- all pretty good, Lake James Cellars from Glen Alpine, I cant remember if we tried theirs or not im gonna say yes since I have one of their papers but your special wineabe didn’t write anything down. Locklear Vineyard from Maxton NC was there. They were some great people too! I loved their noble sweet. I cant remember if we got a bottle of it or not…… My S.T.A.D (short-term, Alzheimer’s, & Dementia, I just have it all) is kicking in right now! Southern Charm Winery from Lincolnton was there too. I cant remember which ones we tried but I do know they had good ones. And Chatham Hill Winery, which had been at last wine festival, we tried them again.  There were a lot more vineyards there and a lot that had been at last festival or that we have actually gone and visited. So we skipped some of them, to make sure we could get all other ones in that we wanted too. I had actually slaved over making a game planner before leaving and may or may not  have forgotten the planner….. so we made a makeshift one.

I know I had a absolute blast at this one. It was so much more organized and just very relaxing. and I had my besties with me that makes for a great day anytime!!! I am ready for the next festival to go too! Hopefully we will have a date soon for the wine tasting party that we are going to host! Once we get it figured out we will let everyone know! So you can join us or host your own and let us know how it goes! I hope everyone has a fantastic rest of your week, and until next time,

Sarah & Heather


Sorry we have been absent for a little bit! Life is just crazy ya know? We are slackers lol! We have missed writing! Hopefully the end of this weekend we will have a new blog about our sheninagans we got into at the BB&T Salute Wine Festival this past weekend! ♡ Let me tell you all this one was a absolute blast! We loved this one more than the last one. The vineyards that were there were all amazing! I suppose it helped we had a game plan too! And we may or may not have come home with 7 bottles of wine and 2 mixes for wine slushies…. 😉 The one is this gorgeous purple color and it is one of the most amazing things I have ever put in my mouth ;), and so is the other one! As Heather stated it’s a winegasm in your mouth! She is sooooo right!
  We are trying to work on picking a date to have a wine tasting party at the house and have everyone bring their favorite bottle of wine! Everyone that’s local we would love to have you come and if not then let us know what your favorite wine is! Or have a party too and let us know how it goes! I love a good party and organizing them. Seriously if I could that would be my full time job! LOVE IT! As soon as we have the details worked out we will let everyone know!
Smootches from your slack ass wannabes,
Sarah & Heather


2015 NC Salute Wine Festival this weekend!

This weekend your two wanna be’s and our better half, Mandy are headed to the North Carolina SALUTE! Wine festival in Winston Salem!


Tickets are only $25 in advance or $30 day of the festival. Festival is rain or shine with over 25 local vineyards & wineries  participating!  Click on the link attached to see the whole schedule of what’s happening and get excited! 😉 We sure are!

Let us know if you’ll  be there! We would LOVE to catch up and share a taste or two with you!

Hope to see you there!


Summertime & Sangria!

sangria1  sangria-77778708

If you’re anything like your two wanna be’s, you LOVE a good glass (or 5) of delicious Sangria, especially when it’s hot outside!

Nothing better than sitting outside on the deck or anywhere really, and enjoying it with friends and family. Thanks to Pinterest, there are ENDLESS recipes for what seems like every possible concoction for making Sangria, some of which we cant wait to try! BUT, today, we want to know what YOUR favorite blend is for Sangria???… Do you like a white, red, or rose? Maybe all of the above? haha! 😉

Some people use a nice punch bowl, or  5-gal bucket, hell… we’ve even heard of using a  bathtub! lmao, Hey! desperate times call for desperate measures ya’ll!

We cant wait to hear about yours!

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend… cheers!


Heather & Sarah


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