Sorry we have been absent for a little bit! Life is just crazy ya know? We are slackers lol! We have missed writing! Hopefully the end of this weekend we will have a new blog about our sheninagans we got into at the BB&T Salute Wine Festival this past weekend! ♡ Let me tell you all this one was a absolute blast! We loved this one more than the last one. The vineyards that were there were all amazing! I suppose it helped we had a game plan too! And we may or may not have come home with 7 bottles of wine and 2 mixes for wine slushies…. 😉 The one is this gorgeous purple color and it is one of the most amazing things I have ever put in my mouth ;), and so is the other one! As Heather stated it’s a winegasm in your mouth! She is sooooo right!
  We are trying to work on picking a date to have a wine tasting party at the house and have everyone bring their favorite bottle of wine! Everyone that’s local we would love to have you come and if not then let us know what your favorite wine is! Or have a party too and let us know how it goes! I love a good party and organizing them. Seriously if I could that would be my full time job! LOVE IT! As soon as we have the details worked out we will let everyone know!
Smootches from your slack ass wannabes,
Sarah & Heather


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