Summertime & Sangria!

sangria1  sangria-77778708

If you’re anything like your two wanna be’s, you LOVE a good glass (or 5) of delicious Sangria, especially when it’s hot outside!

Nothing better than sitting outside on the deck or anywhere really, and enjoying it with friends and family. Thanks to Pinterest, there are ENDLESS recipes for what seems like every possible concoction for making Sangria, some of which we cant wait to try! BUT, today, we want to know what YOUR favorite blend is for Sangria???… Do you like a white, red, or rose? Maybe all of the above? haha! 😉

Some people use a nice punch bowl, or  5-gal bucket, hell… we’ve even heard of using a  bathtub! lmao, Hey! desperate times call for desperate measures ya’ll!

We cant wait to hear about yours!

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend… cheers!


Heather & Sarah


Sparkling-Sangria-5      7db83021614df03e18281d13a1c2ba43

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