Glass of “Coon Ass” anyone?… Oh yea! You’re gonna wanna read this one!

HIYA everyone!!!! I hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far, but if not just remember for you normal working peoples out there its almost your weekend!!! ( Your wannabe here works every 3rd day for 24hrs at a time and then off for 48hrs. Yes crazy as hell I know, but hey someones gotta be there for the peeps out there that cant quite handle their wine yet LOL and other emergencies of course!). Tonight I’m gonna tell you all about our experience at Woodmill Winery in Vale and Fiddlers Vineyard in Cherryville (or as people from here say it Chur-vil (not ever sure I spelt it like its said but hopefully ya get the picture), it may be the Baltimore in me that doesn’t get it..).

Woodmill Winery was a hey we are like 20 minutes away from here why not just go especially since we have had a few requests to give a review on it! It def was a safe drive no bad/im gonna die areas to go through lol! We were coming through the north end ( Fallston/ Lawndale area of Cleveland County) I guess it helps that I’m am more familiar with Cleveland County. So onto Woodmill, it is super cute and relaxing area. They have a huge deck you can sit out on and drink a glass of wine. Super pretty and super pretty inside too. I finally get my big arse up in the stool ( all my other short legged people will understand the struggle of getting up in a tall stool or maybe its just my special self) and the chick doing the tasting asks for my ID and about fell out of my stool trying to get it so had to get the bestie involved….. WINES finally! My favorite thing about Woodmill is for almost every wine they have you have the option of dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet, or sweet! ( I was like that is genius as hell!!!) They have a golden Scuppernong which is a type of grape and tends to be a white wine, and they had all four options. My fave was the semi-sweet, but the semi-dry wasn’t to shabby itself….. They also have a red muscadine ( all four options), a blackberry- no dry but all other options, and a blueberry- with all 4 options. The last two were not my glass o’ wine but they weren’t terrible. They also have a Mon Amour Semi & Sweet , American Jubilee Semi & Sweet – We came home with a bottle of the, get ready for it………. the SEMI-SWEET ( I feel like I am growing up in my wine tastes ) and the last one is Carolina Jubilee-dry. Super cute place the chick doing the tasting was super sweet, fun to talk too, and put up with us talking about this crazy ass blog! I would def suggest you all go give it a try and tell em your wannabe wine snobs sent ya!

20150523_161533Fiddlers Vineyard

I hope you all are prepared for this, get ready for a laugh!  Fiddlers is in Cherryville NC, it is a super cute, rustic/ antique vineyard ( most def not your  everyday vineyard) If you are feeling like spicing up your wine tastings (literally) Fiddlers is for you! Let me start off with saying if you are expecting a regular style wine tasting you wont get that here. The man doing the tasting was super nice and friendly . We got our plastic punch cups  to start off with, no dump bucket or water to rinse out said punch cups, you just got a new one if you needed one! So its cool whatever we try the first wine which is a red muscadine called Fiddlers red which is pretty good and a normal name. Names then move onto Apple Pie Knobby, which tastes like apple pie moonshine not wine, or you could have pina colada wine not for me. Next was a chocolate  strawberry, I have decided that chocolate should not be put into wine. Chocolate and wine fine just not literally mixed together. You could also try one called Big Fat Chubby Watermelon, a 7.7 Banana Split- which is named after wine makers granddaughter (cute). Then if you are bored with sweet wines, you can move onto a spicy wine, literally! The one called Louisiana Coonass- which literally has jalapeños in it. I did not try it but Heather and her mama did and they said it would start a fire in yo mouth and I could only imagine like a lava going through your whole intestines. Gaaa the burn of it coming back up or out…….. No thanks I don’t care the pain of that! They have a few more that are a peppery/ spicy taste to it. So like I said if you are literally wanting to spice up your wine tastings and adventures go to Fiddlers! They wines were just not my cup o’ wine, but can say I’ve been and tried some and can tell you my opinions on it. But don’t judge just by my opinion go try it for your self if you like different flavored things!

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday and weekend! Think of me if you have a glass of wine on Saturday and have a sip for me!.

Now a little from Heather ❤

Happy Friday eve ya’ll and thank God for thirsty Thursday! Lol.

For it to have been a short week at work due to the Memorial Day holiday, it sure has been the longest “short” week I’ve seen in a while! Whew! Happy to be staying busy, BUT even happier to see the weekend.

So, as promised, here are my other two reviews from our wine tasting shenanigans last weekend…


Woodmill Winery, Vale N.C. 

Woodmill was beautiful and definitely another great spot you could spend an afternoon. They have a giant covered porch area for sitting and sipping on some of their delicious wines!

I absolutely LOVED the way their tasting was done! For every wine they offer, they make a Dry, Semi-Dry, Semi-Sweet, and a Sweet, which I personally think is genius! So many times, I’ve found a wine that I wish could be a sweet or one that may be too sweet and wish it could maybe be more on the dry side. It’s the best of both worlds!

We tasted 6 varieties at Woodmill: A golden Scuppernong, Red Muscadine, a blended red, blueberry, blackberry, and a blueberry. Loved them all, with the exception of the Blueberry which I am never a big fan of really. If you are a blueberry fan, you’d love theirs as it is VERY blueberry’ish! ( ya liked that huh?,  lol)

We came home with a bottle of their Semi-Sweet “American Jubilee” and definitely look forward to sipping on it soon.

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff who made the tasting really enjoyable and fun, a beautiful tasting room, and I would certainly go back again.

Go check them out and let them know your two favorite wanna be’s sent you!


Fiddlers Vineyard, Cherryville N.C.  (pronounced “Chur-vul” if you’re from that area, lol) 

You know it’s going to be a freakin’ riot when you visit a vineyard that has wines with names like  “Louisiana Coon Ass”!

My mom decided to join us for the tasting at Fiddler’s which was our last stop last Saturday, and we had a blast with her being there too! They probably didn’t know what to do with the three of us, lol.

Interesting does not begin to describe it! Lmao, our visit to Fiddler’s Vineyard in Cherryville, NC was by far the craziest one yet.  For starters, it was the furthest thing from your traditional wine tasting starting with the plastic punch cup it’s served in, to not having a “dump bucket” or water to rinse your glass (or plastic )with, no crackers or wafers, and the strangest flavored wines I’ve ever tasted or heard of!

The only “normal” variety of wine they offered was a red muscadine, which was really good; it also came in a semi-dry for those who weren’t big on the sweet wines. The red muscadine was the first one we tasted, then to be honest; after that it was a bit difficult to get some of them down. Most all of their wines are incredibly sweet, like too sweet for me which is unheard of! For the most part, these were definitely NOT for me, but for those of you who like wild and crazy flavors like Louisiana Coon Ass which by the way is made with jalapeños! Literally burns your mouth, it’s super weird… when I think wine, I don’t think of a damn hot pepper. They had everything from pina colada wine to pepper wines! Whew, it was quite a ride and a little too much for me.

Fiddler’s is a small vineyard, cute little spot in the country and fairly easy to find. If you are looking for something REALLY different and crazy and something to literally “spice up” your tastings a little, Fiddler’s might just be the place for you!

We did come home with a bottle of Fiddler’s Red, which was mostly only because our Groupon included a bottle and that was really THE only normal one they had they we handle.

All in all, it was fun and gave PLENTY to talk about on the way to Urgent Care that night! Haha! J

If you get the “hankerin’” to check them out, just remember they are closed on Mondays and Tuesday. There is also a Groupon still available for Fiddler’s for $18, tasting for 2 and includes a crazy ass bottle of wine to take home.

Here’s to a “low key” weekend for a change and some fun with my little sidekick! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Sip on somethin’ good 😉

Xo, Heather







HELP! We need ideas!


October 2013 at Owls Eye Vineyard
We have decided that we want to start doing different themes from time to time when we go wine tasting. Like for Halloween we went as the witches! We thought it would be fun to do different things throughout the year! I mean who doesn’t like to dress up on occasion ( I would do it everyday of my life if I could seriously not lying) ( I wish Halloween happened a few times a year I LOVE IT!) Some ideas we had were like big fun hat tasting, a pinup style theme ,etc! BUT we NEED your HELP with other ideas! What would you all like to see us do? Cannot wait to hear the awesome ideas you all will come up with and then get to go do them!!! (But dont get to crazy- yes I thought of Bon QuiQui as I typed that) SN:If you haven’t seen the bon quiqui skit do yourself a favor and go watch it!   Super excited! Be ready for a new post later in the week for a review on Woodmill Vineyards and Fiddlers Vineyard that we went to last weekend! Smootches,
           Sarah & Heather


Sheninigans at Owls Eye and Baker Buffalo Creek

We want to say a very heartfelt thank you to all the military men and women that have sacrificed their lives for us and this amazing country. We will always be so very grateful to you all for your sacrifice.

20150523_124730  20150523_130724

(lil baby grapes ahhh so cute)

Sooooo let start out by saying there is NEVER  a dull moment with us……. We ended up going to 4 vineyards yesterday…..Oh yea!!!!!!! Half were amazing and other half not so much……. We are gonna review Owls Eye and Baker Buffalo Creek today! Owls Eye is in Shelby on Metcalf Rd. It is a pretty area AND you don’t think you are going to die getting there. Metcalf Rd is a little curvy though. When we finally got there ( we both overslept….. I thought I had set my alarm for 845 but noooooo I did 945…) (also I’ve decided that on all cars should be a bumper like whats on a bumper car…. I would use the shit outta that thing……. ) Sooooo anyways, we get there and a super nice lady named Candance started helping us and was going back and forth from us and to some other people that were there tasting. Then, all of a sudden appears this dude, who by the way was gross (like dirty and sweat rolling down his forehead) looking that seems to get a attitude with the super nice lady that was helping us. He takes over our wine tasting. ( I was like dear baby 7.5lb Jesus please do not let any of that sweat fall on the counter, in our glasses , or in wine bottles). He starts pouring and while he is doing it is giving his in depth opinion on the wines…. ( First off if you are working somewhere that wants to sell wine you should not be talking about how you don’t care for this wine blah blah blah……. Second off all I really want to know is what kind of wine it is, if it is sweet or dry, and what it will go good with…..) Now on to wine ( yes I literally just rapped the song onto the next one in my head as I typed that out…) the important thing! We tried all of them, including the dry’s! My favorite was the Vidal Blanc it was super smooth. My least favorite was the South Mountain Scarlet. So then it comes time to taste the Moscato and dude is like you can taste it but we cant sell you a bottle due to something wrong with the bottling this time. Literally when he pulled out the cork I thought shit balls the amount of pressure up in the bottle could make that cork go flying the hell out there and hit ya in the eye! ( Made me think of the kid in Christmas story and his mom is like Ralphie no you”ll shoot your eye out. but said in like a super strong northern accent and more dramatic.) Well we finally tried it and it was terrible, uggg it tasted like beer… I don’t do beer, unless I am wanting to get a lil inebriated, then I do dr. pepper shots….. So all in all the wines were good except the Moscato, the service from Candance was awesome, service from rude dude not so much. Grounds were pretty as always. We’ve been before and it was super fun and wine was amazing. We even made it on their FB page last time because we went at Halloween time and we were dressed as witches. Bitches/Wannabes be FAMOUS! (or so I like to think) its under 2013.


Next we went to Baker Buffalo Creek Vineyard! Let me tell you that has to be my most favorite vineyard/ wine tasting we’ve been to yet.  There is a older couple that owns and runs it. Anne and Charles and they have to be the cutest most precious couple ever. Early congratulations to them for celebrating their 50 wedding anniversary  this summer. When we got there Ms. Anne was helping another couple with a wine tasting and so Mr. Charles came on out and gave us a tour. The land has been in Ms. Annes family for over a 100 years. It is gorgeous and so cute. I loved all history Mr. Charles told us about there. He was like ok lets go try some wine. Woooohoooooo always music to my ears. They have 9 different wines and not a one I didn’t like including the dry’s, yes your wannabe is growing up and acquiring wine tastes. Mr. Charles kept us so entertained during the whole experience and Ms. Anne also. He was telling us about how he used to be the boss at the Quick Cleaners they owned and now Ms. Anne was the boss. LOL They were so cute. We ended up buying 3 bottles of wine from them. Normally we only buy one from each vineyard. He loved the fact that we are best friends and doing a blog. They have a wine they named for their granddaughters called Granda (which of course I was like awwwwwww that is so sweet.) Sn: I now want a wine named after me. ( If you can make that happen help a girl out!) Their Between the Rivers Reserve a dry wine aged in French  barrels ( and represents the truce done between the Indians which is pretty awesome) is a double gold winner. We ended up buying the Mule Barn Red- its a muscadine wine, Milk House White- its a scuppernong and amazing. Then we also got the sweet Chardonnay which they made for the weddings they do there.

Baker Buffalo Creek Vineyard is by far my favorite vineyard and tasting! I just fell in love with Ms. Anne and Mr. Charles- super cute ( like can I have you all as another set of Grandparents cute )  They are so very personable and friendly and funny! We laughed the whole time with them. The wines are AMAZING, and I am ready to go back already. Stay tuned for the reviews on Woodmill Winery and Fiddlers Vineyard this week. Smootches Wannabes! Have a fantastic and happy Memorial Day.


A little from Heather ❤

Ok, so let me just start off my saying there is NEVER a dull moment when it comes to your “Wanna Be’s”.  I mean, what started off as just your normal (hell, what am I saying?… we don’t do normal) day of wine tasting shenanigans turned into a big shot in the ass, yes literally! Talk about making some accomplishments though, we went tasting at a total of 4 vineyards vs. the 3 we had originally planned on, BONUS! Then fit in a lovely trip to urgent care first, then a trip to the ER. Your girls definitely got around yesterday, hot damn!

Now, onto the tastings.  As I was saying, we visited 4 vineyards yesterday, but we’ll just cover two of them for today. Owls Eye in Shelby, NC and Baker Buffalo Creek in Lawndale, NC. So, here goes!

Owls Eye

So, I have to say… this was my third trip to Owl’s Eye, and definitely my least favorite one yet. Sarah and I had been once before a couple of years ago, but decided to visit again now that we’ve started the blog to give you guys a review. It wasn’t the wine that put a ‘bad taste in your mouth”, but rather the dude that took over providing our tasting. Not much of a personality, kinda dirty, sweaty, and a little too personally opinionated about the actually wines themselves to the point that it I might have been enjoying the taste of one of them, his sweaty ass would have discouraged it. Maybe it was the fact that the vineyard is actually now up for sale, and the staff just aren’t really putting their heart into it if that makes sense? That said, you can be the proud new owner of this beautiful vineyard for the sweet lil’ price of $2 Million!

It truly is a beautiful place, and one that we have enjoyed in the past.

We went back through their entire list, which currently consists of 9 wines (one of which was their moscato that they  aren’t able to sell at the moment due to the bottles being dangerous when opening, WOW!) You should have heard it when he opened the bottle, shit nearly exploded! Lmao! Thought we were gonna lose a freakin’ eye! Haha.  On a more tasty note, I did enjoy their Traminette, South Mountain Scarlet, and the Pink Eye Rose. They offered mostly dry, semi-dry wines at Owls Eye, which I slowly beginning to acquire more of a taste for. I definitely still prefer the more semi-sweet, and sweet wines. As Sarah and I said yesterday “We’re growing up a little more each tasting”! lmao. It truly is an acquired taste, and SO much fun trying them all. You can try the same type of wine at 15 different vineyards and they will all taste totally different which I love… its like little pieces of delicious art! Mmmm. ❤

Baker Buffalo Creek

Totally fell in love with this vineyard, its history and the owners, Charlie and Ann.  If you can imagine the perfect tour and tasting, that’s EXACTLY what you can expect at Baker Buffalo Creek. Their passion for what they do shows through their wine, vineyard, and just the whole experience. This was by far my favorite stop of the day!

It’s nestled on a beautiful old dairy farm that has been in Ann’s family for over 100 years. Absolutely beautiful… I think I would have been happy bringing a picnic lunch and staying there the rest of the afternoon. You couldn’t have smacked the smiles off of our faces while we were there, as I said, we fell in love! We tasted a total of 10 wines including their reserve, a Cab-Sav which won double gold medals at the state fair. They offered three types of Chardonnay, a French Oak, Stainless, and a sweet. I loved them all, but had never had a sweet Chardonnay like this, it was SO delicious! There was not one of the wines that I truly didn’t enjoy, however my favorites were the “Milk House White”, “Mule Barn Red”, and the sweet Chardonnay.   We will definitely visit them again!

Happy Memorial Day!







Our Ninja quick tasting @ Uwharrie Vineyards…

th (1)download

Here’s my short n’ sweet review of Uwharrie Vineyards in Albemarle, N.C.

This by far was THE freaking fastest wine tasting in the history of EVER ya’ll! WOW… I could barely even take notes fast enough to keep up with which one we were on, yea, that fast!

That said, the staff there were fun, grounds were really pretty, and of course what we know you’re all curious about… the WINE, was delish’! 😉 We tasted a total of 15 wines that day and there were only a couple that really just weren’t for me. My favorites were “Magnolia” and “Noble Evening Pleasure”; but honestly, they were all pretty tasty. We also brought home a couple bottles from there including their Blackberry wine which I am normally NOT a fan of, but theirs was out of this world! If you’re a blackberry wine fan, you have to check theirs out and I promise you wont leave disappointed or empty handed! Ha!

We are off to visit three more vineyards tomorrow, Fiddlers, Baker Buffalo Creek, and Owls Eye so stay tuned for more shenanigans tomorrow! Hope everyone has an awesome Memorial Day weekend! 🙂



now a little from Sarah <3…

Talking about Uwharrie Vineyards tonight! They are located in Albermarle NC. Let me tell you the drive and getting there was gorgeous, and we did not think we were going to die! ( Which of course is always a freaking plus! Booyah!) Nobody wants to die while trying to go taste some wine! The grounds were pretty it looked like a vineyard with a bunch of vines everywhere. ( Not much I can say about vines….. they hadn’t started to bloom (wait do the bloom??? Im not even sure…..) but they were there. The store part when you walk in is amazing they have all kind of goodies! The staff were fun and friendly. A lot of gorgeous pottery. The tasting was different. Most of take a little bit of time but this one was seriously like a max of about 15 minutes. Fastest damn wine tasting ever!!! They have a lot more dry wines here.( Hey I tried em, I may have possibly eaten a crap ton of the AMAZING little cracker things ( which remind me of doing communion)   they give you to cleanse your palate), ( always feel so sophisticated/ fancy saying that. Yes, I am that special) to get rid of the taste but hey I can say I tried em). Now they had a blackberry wine that was the BOMB DAMN DIGGITY! ( Like I could go for some right now , but it is already gone….. waaaaa) SN: I do not even like blackberry’s but this was amazing! This was made from straight blackberry’s, not mixed with any grape wines at all ( which is pretty awesome). There really is not much else I can say about them, which is not a bad thing at all, but like I said FASTEST WINE TASTING EVER!

Be ready for more posts this weekend! We are going to Owls Eye Vineyard in Shelby, Baker Buffalo Creek Vineyard in Lawndale, and Fiddlers Vineyard in Cherryville. Cant wait to go back to Owls Eye and try the other two for the first times! We are going to try to be at Owls Eye around noon and go from there! Smootches,

Holy @#$@%#@ Wine Festival Batman!

Al little from Heather ❤

The wine festival was such a BLAST+ getting to spend the day with the girls = 1  amazing afternoon!


So as soon as you arrive, they give you your tasting bracelet/band, souvenir tasting glass, and then, QUE THE HALLELUJAH CHORUS PEOPLE! Right in front of you is wino paradise! Everywhere you look, WINE, WINE, and more WINE!!! AHHH! 🙂    This was my 1st official wine festival and it was most definitely what I hoped it would be… It was honestly almost overwhelming (shhhhh..) to a wanna be wine snob. .. OMG where the hell do you even start?!? Well, a freakin’ good place to start to me was to hold that pretty new empty glass out and put it to work! We tasted and tasted, it was so much fun! We honestly had to take a break and couldn’t even finish tasting them all. Sounds pretty pathetic to some of you pro’s i’m sure, but damn! 15 vineyards/wineries into and we cut ourselves off! Lmao. I assumed we would only get to taste like 1-2 at each stop, but NO, you got to go down the whole list, or at least whichever ones they had brought to the festival! Holy shit, that’s a LOT of wine! More than you realize until all of the sudden it kicks you in your ass! 😉

Some tips and ideas I noted were 1) because there are usually SO many vineyards & wineries that participate in these events, do you “winework” aka, homework ahead of time to see which tastings you REALLY want to be sure you have time to check out first and then anything extra you have time for will be an added bonus. 2) bring a fun picnic lunch! We saw several groups “tailgating” with their cute picnic baskets and some wine of course! GREAT idea, and it leaves a little extra $$ in the wine budget! lol. Priorities folks! 😉 3) Since most of the festivals seem to be held mid spring/beginning of summer, I highly recommend bringing your sunscreen! OUCH, a couple of us; especially Sarah learned the hard way…AND, we also saw many of the gals wearing fun floppy sun hats! Also a must for next time.

Since our goal is to travel and see all of the NC/SC vineyards for starters on our wine journey, we decided ahead of time to only buy a few bottles to take home from the festival. We of course ended up with mostly sweet, dessert style wines… lol, but hey! we DID try several that weren’t bad and I could definitely see myself drinking. These were just too freakin’ good to pass up and would be GREAT way to cool off on a hot summer evening on the porch.

Here’s what we came home with: “All that Razz” from Yadkin Valley Wine Co., “Seersucker Social” from Fish Hippie, “Happy Endings” from Jolo Vineyards, & “Shortcake” from Shadow Springs Vineyard. MMMM! Tonight we are sipping on the Seersucker Social which is a red muscadine wine; a little tart but delish!

Overall review, it was totally worth the $25, the drive, and the sunburn! Great time with friends, and great eye candy to boot! lol. We cant wait for our next festival on June 6th!! Stay tuned for more details on that one coming up on the blog.



Now a little from Sarah ❤

Yadkin Valley Wine Festival

Lets start off by saying next time I go to a wine festival or any festival I WILL NOT FORGET to put on sunscreen. I had worked a 24 hr shift on Friday so I came home that morning and laid down to take a short nap, well I do believe I died for a little bit because I slept right through my alarms to wake me up on time…. Then I wake up to a huge bang on my bedroom window ( about had a heart attack and thought I was going to die) and then I heard my other bestie Mandy laughing her ass off…… It did the job……. Sooooo long story shortened I was rushing around and forgot the sunscreen…….

We finally got there, of course this place is in the middle of nowhere also, but it wasn’t like we were going to die nowhere so that was definitely a plus, and we caught a ride on a golf cart to the ticket tent! (score one for us!!!) We had a absolute blast, our other bestie Mandy came and joined us too; we are like the freaking three musketeer’s but like on crack except we are NOT on the crack. You never know what the three of us will get into! The scenery was AMAZING, and I am not talking about the grounds, it was just a regular park, but who knew there would be so much eye candy there, we certainly did not. Ok so onto the important part: the WINE!!!!!

There was around 29-30 vineyards that were there. It was wine tasting heaven! Wine EVERYWHERE!!!! Oh yea baby bring it on!  We then realized how VERY overwhelming it was. You all know my girls and I love wine and going wine tasting but after going to about 15-18 booths we couldn’t do anymore. ( it was a struggle, and we needed a driver ya know) If we had been to all the booths we would have been completely snockerd! We figured that each vineyard that came would maybe have like 1 or 2 max of 3 wines you could taste. Some did, but most of them had a good amount I think the one had almost 10 you could taste……. And only one we went too had crackers to help cleanse your palate. ( there were some people there that had made pretzel necklaces which was freaking genius, and will happen to next festival. )  A lot of the vineyards there did not have any sweet wines, but we pushed through and dried the dry’s. There were some that were not completely terrible! I was like OMG my tastebuds must be getting acclimated to the dry’s! There was one called JOLO ( which I now will and forever ever more call J-lo), and they had a dessert wine, called Happy Endings, that was life freaking changing my tastebuds went holy hell, thank  you J-LO for making this wine I will forever love you! We ended up buying 4 bottles ( Heather is going to tell you the name and vineyard they are from) and a bottle of BBQ sauce!

We have decided the next wine festival we go too we will have a game plan! Bring it wine festival.  What we are going to do is next one look at all the vineyards that will be represented there and look at there wines and that way we will have a idea of what may be there at festival to taste and we will know which ones have wines we may not care for. Ohhhh and we are going to pack a little picnic there were so many people that had brought stuff for a picnic and it was super cute. IT is definitely worth the drive and $25 bucks though!

Sooooooooo, I hope you learned in this post to not forget your sunscreen if going to any festival that is outside, be prepared to walk a good distance to get to it, ladies be ready for the amount of eye candy that will be there. It just makes a day of wine tasting that much more better ( yes that just happened.) Be prepared to have a driver if you plan on hitting evey vineyard there. Annnnnddddd lastly have a premade plan on what you are looking to try and vineyards that would have what you would want to taste!


20150516_130450 20150516_130437 20150516_131825



TBT my fellow wannabe wineys! My bestie and I were doing duck face before it became cool. We are just trendsetters like that, don’t hate! ( Just join the crazy) This pic is about 9 or 10 yrs old, gaaaaa how crazy is that…. Ok I know you’re wandering what the deal is with the blonde ( I still wonder myself), I was young had never been able to dye my hair before so I was like why not ( or Yolo as all the cool kids say right?!?!?) well I think they still say it?!?!?!? Do they? Hell I don’t know but I did so eat that! Just a sneak peek into the lives of your 2 fave, crazy, fun, awesome, wyling out wineys! (Yes I made up a new word be jealous of all the awesomeness) Share a tbt of your bestie and you doing something fun or crazy or just your beautiful selves being you!

Wine festival May 16th.

This weekend there is a wine festival in Elkin NC! Saturday May 16th 11a-5p at Elkin Municipal Park. Guess who is super excited about this?!?!?!? This chick right here! Boom! Here is the link for it:
It is $25, yes only $25!!!! The $25 covers your tasting wristband and a festival wine glass! Parking is $5 a car at park it says or there are shuttles that said $5 per person. If I counted correctly (yes shocking I know I could be wrong, but it doesn’t happen often or so I like to think) there will be 27 vineyards there! It is kid friendly also, the kids can do grape stomping (I’m a kid at heart so I can do it too right????) It’s on the bucket list! Heather and I are going to be there and would love to see all of you out there too!

Sarah & Heather

If you love Muscadine wine, You’ll LOVE Cauble Creek Vineyards!


If you enjoy muscadine wine as much as the two of us do, then you’re gonna LOVE Cauble Creek!

Anita (one of the owners) did our tasting for us, she was a blast! We tried so many delicious muscadine wines, and to be honest; there weren’t any that we didn’t like! Reds, whites, and blushes, oh my! They were all SO freakin’ good! However, after we finished the tasting, we decided to get a glass of the “Sweet Anita”,and  for the first time in the history of EVER… we couldn’t finish the glass because it was too sweet. We know, we know, it surprised the hell outta me too! It was like a dessert in a glass, and had more of an almost “syrup” consistency. Delicious, but for us, more than a taste is almost too much.

They also had a cute little shop with everything from Muscadine BBQ sauce, salsa, jelly and of course all the fun wino gadgets. There is also a nice outdoor sitting area with a great view of their vineyard! Lots of fun and we would definitely go back again.

There is a Groupon for Cauble Creek right now too! Check it out and tell em’ Confessions of 2 Wannabe Wine Snobs sent you! confessionsof2wannabewinesnobs


Heather & Sarah ❤




You ever have one of those days..more like weeks, where all you need is your bestie and some wine?

No matter what the hell this crazy life throws at you, you know there’s two things you can count on; WINE and your best friend! Through all of the countless crazy talk, vent sessions, highs and lows, she’s got your back. She knows how crazy your ass is, yet still chooses to be seen in public with you. Now THAT’S commitment! lol. All i’m sayin’ is It’s just no where near as much fun to drink a glass alone as it is when you enjoy them with your “person”.

Well tonight, the bestie is working a 24 hour shift, she’s out to save the world again (usually one dumbass at a time, lol)

SO, I’m thinkin’ it might just be time to mix up a batch of wine-o-ritas for tomorrow nights girls night in to celebrate making it to thirsty Thursday! After all, that’s a pretty big deal right? Watch out Thursday!

Until then, the laundry calls! I’m off to finish my “domestic duties”, and enjoy a glass of some good ol’ sweet tea.

Here’s to besties and full glasses…even if it is just a solo cup of sweet tea! 😉



A little about Tree House Vineyards…

imageOnto our next review! Several of you guys have asked us about Treehouse Vineyard, so we figured tonight was as good a night as any to go ahead and give you our review for them. Soooo, here goes!


So for a part of my birthday back in January of this year, we decided visiting a vineyard would be really fun and I had REALLY been wanting to go and check out Treehouse. Once again, the drive was a little “sketchy” literally all the way until we pulled in! Totally blows my mind how so many of these beautiful gems are hidden in some of the craziest damn places, lol. Anyway, Although it may not have been one of the most “Breathtaking” vineyards we’ve visited so far, it was without a doubt one of my favorites! Being from the south, I LOVE almost anything muscadine and that is one of their specialties. My two favorites were “Date Night” which is a sweet white wine, and “Sunset Hills” which is a sweet red… BUT, most of all they had something called a “Wine-o-rita”! Two words, LIFE CHANGING! I mean, seriously can it really get much better than that? The use a muscadine cider as their base of a frozen rita and you can choose whichever wine you’d like to add. HOLY freakin’ yum! We of course ended up purchasing the kit to make our own at home, and took a few bottles home that day too. Great price points on all of their wines. Service and tour were great, the owners have a super sweet story of how Treehouse came about and one of the best parts??? You can actually go up in THE treehouse that started it all, and if you’re really feeling adventurous, they offer several different treehouses that you can actually stay overnight in.The grounds are nice, great fire pit area, big swing in a giant oak tree that we had so much fun on, nice lake area. Overall, would definitely recommend you guys check it out, we had an absolute blast that day and would totally go back again and actually plan to soon.

There are usually Groupons and Living Social deals up often for these guys offering some great deals! Check it out below…






Here it is the wine-o-rita,  heaven in a glass


We went in January so was not as lush as it probably is now.


Annndddd of course our usual crazy picture!

Let me tell you Treehouse is hands down probably my favorite vineyard yet due to the fact that they have (wait for it….. wait for it……..) A wine-o-rita. Which is about one of the most amazing inventions in all of history (ok so maybe not the most amazing. I do appreciate electricity and running water but that is like a given now-a-days right???????) So a wine-o-rita is a SLUSHY with WINE in IT!!!!!!! I tried it and was like OMG where has this been my whole life! I would live with a brain freeze for the rest of my life if I could have AT LEAST one a day. Trust and believe your life will forever be changed once you have one! They also make a kit so you can make them at home, yes AT YOUR HOME (without a slushy machine). It literally is wine, their cider, and a ziploc bag. Mix together and 3 hrs later it’s wine-o-rita time! OK I guess you probably wanna hear about the rest of the vineyard! It is gorgeous. Fyi though to get there you do drive thru what appears to be not a so good area to get there, but they even joke about it during the tasting (at least our lady did). They have had the land forever, so the neighborhood grew around them. They have a mix of wines. I tried the dry ones, not a whole lot I can say about those, we all know how I feel about the drys. Lol For dry wines they were not terrible. The sweet ones I LOVED!!!! They have such a cute store with all kinds of goodies you can buy!
Sooooo, now onto the name, yes they do have tree house’s there. It is such a sweet story on how they came to be! They have a treehouse you can go up in and hang out in AND they also have a treehouse you can stay the night in! They said you definitely have to book far in advance cause it fills up fast. They have a pond, horses, swings and fire pit areas. It is gorgeous. I will definitely be visiting there again. (Especially once I run out of wine-o-rita mix!) They have a groupon also right now. It’s another great steal $18 for the tour, tasting, wine glasses, AND a bottle of wine for TWO people!
In need of a wine-o-rita Sarah