How far would you go?


Hello all from your long lost wine snob wannabe, Heather!… I know, I’m just as thrilled as you are for me to be back! 😉 haha.
Life just gets so crazy busy sometimes, and writing can sometimes difficult for me to fit in which I totally hate because writing to me has always been an “outlet”, and on our blog…I get to just be me, your crazy, fun, no filter wine friend!
So anyway,  now, to catch you up a bit…
Recent happenings in our house have been schools out for summer! (Really hope Ya’ll were singing that like I did while I typed, lol) and this mama is super excited to have my side kick with me more for some awesome  summer fun and adventures!
We also recently got a new puppy, a Boston Terrier which Chase has named Oscar♡ Ya’ll… we are in love! He’s been such a fun addition to the family so far and we having a blast getting to know him. Chase is thrilled to have a “little brother ” he says, which melts this mama’s  heart.
Work is crazy busy lately, which I love, learning new things, and life is good!
Now onto the wine!  Haha 😉

So, my question for you today is “how far would you go for a wine slushie”?? …
For those of you who have yet to experience one of these amazing little life changing experiences, you really MUST fix that, like asap.
But to those of you, like ourselves, who have… you understand the seriousness of this question well.
So this coming weekend is the holiday weekend in which we will be celebrating the fourth of July with friends and plenty of crazy shenanigans…problem is, we are out, that’s right you heard me, OUT of wine slushie mix!! This is a serious crisis people…one can’t simply run out of this goodness we have to come to know and love! Who $@!@#@#$##× does that?? Oh, that’s right your wannabes, guess that’s why we call our selves “wannabes”. We’re still in training ya’ll…any well established wine snob wouldn’t let this happen, right? Shit.
So, since NONE of our wine stores locally carry anything like this, we have two options… travel or TRAVEL to go get some. Lol.
I swear it’s worth the 3 hour drive to get it you guys…


So you tell us, how far would you go if it was you?
One can’t just sit their fat arse in a kiddie pool with NO wine slushie… that would be shameful! Haha
So that’s the current dilemma… how do you plan on celebrating the holiday this weekend??

We hope you Keep those glasses full!

Xo, Heather


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