Heat Wave

Whats up wannabe’s????? Sorry we have been so absent lately!!! Life I swear can be so crazy and does not like to slow down….. Like how the hell is it almost July……. So let me say this heat wave we have going on right now is ridiculous……..( SN: every time I say heat wave I sing the song Tropical heat wave, tropical heat wave. lmao, except this is not tropical by any means.) This kind of heat is only ok when I am some place tropical or the beach. I have a serious case of beach fever! Speaking of tropical or beach, do you all have any awesome vacation plans for this summer? I am going to be going home to MD in July and cannot wait! HOW ARE YOU ALL DEALING WITH THIS HEAT FROM THE PITS OF HADES???? Let us know! I am not dealing with it very well. Fat kid here does not do heat like this! Come on fall/winter! Heather got Chase one of those blow up kiddie pools and I may or may not use it! LOL Heather made up the peach slushies, from the wine festival in Winston-Salem, today and when I woke up from my nap ( I worked a 24 yesterday and I was pooped!) I opened the fridge and saw the bottles of wine sitting there and I about did a jig in the kitchen! So, I may or may not get a wine slushie in a little bit and go sit in the pool on the deck. It is a pretty strong possibility. Remember to stay cool out there and hydrate hydrate hydrate (just not with wine lol, yes I cant believe the wannbe is saying not to drink wine, but you gotta stay healthy so you can enjoy the wine later!) Then when you get home in the evening drink some wine! We will be doing our best to stay more active on the blog and giving you all more of our crazy awesome shenanigan’s. Hopefully this week we will give you our review on Old Stone Winery! Stay tuned!!!! Stay Cool! Stay Awesome! We miss you all!
Sarah & Heather

When I say tropical this is what I am talking about! Let me tell you I would give up my right kidtney to be back in the Dominican Republic Punta Cana right now!!!! I swear I will move there one day! The absolute most gorgeous and amazing place I have ever been too!




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